SABA North America announced the launch of the SABA Racial Justice Task Force in September 2020. Lawyers have a special responsibility to enhance the quality of justice within our legal system. As an association of South Asian lawyers, SABA North America recognizes that the road to equal treatment for all, particularly for other communities of color, is intertwined with justice for Black lives. SABA North America also acknowledges the role that systemic racism plays in perpetuating disparities in almost all areas of our society, including policing, housing, healthcare, and education. And given the uniquely deep legacy and history of oppression, it is clear that Black lives bear the brunt of these systemic inequities.

“We created the Racial Justice Task Force to work in allyship to combat the institutionalized racism, inequality and injustice that has occurred for far too long,” said SABA North America President Rippi Gill. “In the coming months, SABA, through the Racial Justice Task Force, will incorporate activism into its programming, participate in education and outreach efforts to confront racism in the South Asian community directed against the Black community and other ethnic minorities, and join together with our sister organizations to lobby and advocate for reform,” said President Gill. “We must do more, say more, and stand for more, and now is the time.  I ask you all to join in our work and efforts. We are stronger together.”

Advocacy Statements

SABA North America periodically makes statements on policy issues of importance to our membership and the South Asian community. See a list of past Advocacy Statements below.

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